About Us

Holmes Custom: Creating Personalized Products

In today's world where everything seems mass produced, it’s a real treat to have something personalized. Something entirely your own, completely unique, and just for you.

Our mission at Holmes Custom is to provide high quality and innovative personalized products for business and home-use. From that personalized cutting board for your home and entertaining or that necessary name tag for your business employees, Holmes Custom creates thousands of personalized products every day. We do it with pride, care, and efficiency.


We do it this way because though business is constantly evolving, we’ve been taking pride and care in our work since 1954. That’s right! 1954. Originally Holmes Stamp and Sign, we’ve been making stamps and signs for over 62 years.

At the core of this legacy company is a passion for US manufacturing, employing a vibrant and dedicated workforce and a supreme value on company culture. We believe that the people on our team make every single thing possible, and without teamwork and each other, we just won’t survive another year, let alone 60.

We strive to have the largest selection of products with a seamless customization process. Simple, easy to use website technology with live previewing and proofing. It’s an unparalleled customer experience and personalization experience.

Holmes Custom is committed to manufacturing and shipping personalized products next business day. In today’s fast paced world, we just expect to get what we have ordered fast. Luckily, we can deliver! Most other personalized companies make customers wait 5-10 business days and here’s where our own impatience is an asset. That just seems too long.

Finally, we strive for exceptional customer service that goes above and beyond. We want our customers to be happy. We want our customer to write in and tell us how much they love their purchase and we want them to tell their friends.