The Business of Branding: Small Business Spotlight featuring Grease Rags Clothing Co.

Here at Holmes Custom we are passionate about small business. We often receive orders from small businesses with big goals and even cooler logos! Here in our local Jacksonville community, many small businesses are succeeding and thriving, not through sales alone, but also through relationships with their community and passion for what they do.

As part of our “The Business of Branding Series” we are featuring Grease Rags Clothing Co. for our small business spotlight. We would like to introduce you to Cindy Platt, owner of this inspiring and unique Jacksonville based small business. Cindy has just recovered her shop from damage it underwent during Hurricane Irma and she has just had her grand re-opening!

We are excited to share Cindy’s unique point of view and the trials and successes that inspired her to spread her wings and become a business owner.

Q: When did you start grease rags?

A: Grease Rags Clothing Co. celebrated its 4th year anniversary at the beginning of October.

Q: What encouraged you to open your own retro clothing shop?

A: My prior background was in corporate banking. After completing treatment for Stage 4 oral cancer, I realized a few things. My brain worked a bit differently than before and my priorities had completely changed. No more banking for me, but I had to do something to keep me busy enough on my own terms so I could stop worrying about my health. I always loved the styles but they were difficult to find unless I shopped online.

Q: What keeps you passionate about running your business?

A: There have been moments when owning a business is too taxing on my energy. I still have late effects from my previous treatment and this makes daily life a challenge quite often. In those moments when I think I can’t do it anymore, I think about the community we have built around Grease Rags Clothing Co. I think about all of the good things I can do, such as starting my non-profit organization, to help others.

The shop is a home base for all of these other activities and also a safe place for people to come and decompress from things that are bothering them in their lives. It may sound silly, but this is more than a place to buy a pretty dress and I feel both committed and honored to provide such a place to the community.

Q: What damage did Hurricane Irma do to your business?

A: The storm surge flooded our dress shop and adjoining barbershop. The property owner had a crew down the day after the storm to tear out the damaged drywall, dehumidify the building, and replace the drywall. I believe the quick action saved us from having bigger problems. Luckily, the great majority of our merchandise was not harmed. The little things I initially thought were no big deal have really added up though. Most of our furniture had to be thrown out, we had to rent a commercial floor cleaner to scrub the floors (3 passes on that), replace all of the shop rugs, repaint the floors and walls, buy a new steamer, and more. Even though there has been some significant expense, I chose to look at this as a kind of reboot for the business. The rising water was a kind of forced de-cluttering so we are definitely more organized now too.

Q: What has been most difficult about recovering from Irma damage?

A: The most difficult thing has been trying to keep some sort of business activity going while trying to get the shop squared away. Our online community has done a great job at keeping orders coming in and we did some pop up shops at local businesses such as Steele Hair Gallery, The Volstead, and Hourglass Pub. We greatly appreciate how everyone has gone out of their way to support us and hope we have done a good job at expressing that gratitude.

Q: What has been most rewarding about recovering from Irma?

The most rewarding aspect of this process has been the activities we have participated in to help others. It has been very refreshing to see so many different kinds of people come together for a good cause.

Q: Tell us about your grand reopening!

A: Our Grand Re-Opening was held on Saturday, October 14 from 11 am to 7 pm. We had a huge cake along with refreshments, live music by Redneck Hummus and a sidewalk sale chock full of deals! The turn out was great!

Q: Is there anything else you would like to add?

A: You can find us all over social media so please feel free to check us out.

Cindy modeling one of her styles

It is the determination of small business owners like Cindy that keeps our team at Holmes Custom passionate about what we do! If you would like to learn more about Cindy Platt’s not-for-profit, visit You can also follow Grease Rags on Instagram at @greaseragsclothing.

Grease Rags Clothing Co. is a great example of a small business owner taking her personal passion and style and turning it into a brand. From clothing tags to custom buttons, the company’s aesthetic and brand style is apparent the moment you enter this unique shop.

Check back soon for our next post on establishing your brand’s culture!

Welcoming Jax Beach Elementary on Manufacturing Day

At Holmes Custom, we love to give back to our Jacksonville community! One of the ways we choose to do so is by hosting an annual field trip for the Jacksonville Beach Elementary School first graders. This is a fun tradition we started in 2010, but something that made this year’s field trip even more special is it took place on Manufacturing Day! Manufacturing Day occurs on the first Friday of every October and it’s purpose is to celebrate modern manufacturing and inspire the next generation of manufacturers. As we prepared for this year’s field trip day, we knew there couldn’t have been a better day to invite these students into our Jacksonville facility.

As the school bus pulled into our parking lot early Friday morning, team members from different departments were ready in their stations to welcome the kids. From customer service to shipping, product development to production, there were hands-on stations set up throughout the building to show the students what we do here at Holmes.

We started the day off with a welcome speech by our CEO, Bryan Croft, then the kids followed him over to the “clock in” area where each student “punched in to work”. Next, they broke into groups and traveled around to the different areas. In our production department, they learned how name tags, buttons, stickers and stamps are made, and at the end of each activity they got a fun gift to bring home.

They also visited our Marketing department to learn about product development and come up with creative ideas for products of their own, from coffee mugs to Halloween stamp designs. Our customer service team taught the students about how we prioritize our customers needs to ensure they’re always happy, and about some of the other products we offer on our websites. In the shipping department, they got to see all the different corners of the country we ship to on a daily basis, and of course, left with a few of our signature tootsie rolls!

“What started out as an opportunity to help my daughters’ school with a field trip to our office has really evolved into a fun event for us and the students,” said CEO Bryan Croft. “This one day a year when we open up the office for 80 or so first graders, we try to teach them what it’s all about here, but also work on what they’re learning in school. We teach them the importance of spelling correctly and taking your time as haste makes waste. We also talk about team building and brain storming new ideas for products.”

Every year there’s at least a few students completely fascinated by some of the manufacturing jobs we offer our community here at Holmes Custom. We pride ourselves on the products we make everyday, but to see how excited these children get about our company is a completely different joy of it’s own.  We can’t wait to welcome the next group of first graders in 2018! To learn more about Manufacturing Day, click here.

The Business of Branding: Establishing your Brand Style

Now that you’ve turned your brilliant business idea into actionable company goals, it’s time to create your business’ identity. What makes a business recognizable? Often times it’s their unique product or their friendly staff, but the way you visually present your company also has a lasting impression. For this week’s The Business of Branding topic, we’ll show you how to establish your brand’s style, from designing your logo to selecting the perfect color palette.

Get Inspired

Many aspiring small business owners dream for years of turning their passion into a full-time job, so finding inspiration for their brand style is easy. Whether you’ve already gathered elements for your dream brand or really aren’t even sure where to begin, creating an inspiration board will help you keep all of your thoughts in one space. Before you begin nailing down your style, look for logos, fonts, design elements and color palettes that speak to you. If there’s a brand you love or that makes you feel something you’d like your customers to feel, look to them for inspiration. While you never want to mock an existing brand, it’s ok to find pieces of inspiration in others. Just be sure your brand is unique in its own ways so it stands apart.

Create your Logo

Once you’ve found different elements of inspiration, the best place to begin is with your brand’s logo. While other elements of your brand’s style will be greatly important in branding your business, your logo is at the core of your brand and should be designed with that in mind. Many small businesses choose to hire a Graphic Designer because they know best how to take your inspiration and create the logo you’ve been dreaming of.

“Designing the perfect logo can seem like a very crucial or stressful task, but breaking it down into smaller steps makes it more feasible, and also a lot more fun,” said Graphic Designer Elizabeth Wyatt. “I recommend coming up with a list of adjectives or ‘buzz words’ that describe or convey what you want a customer to feel when they see your logo. Knowing whether you want your logo to be lighthearted and casual, sophisticated and serious, or anything in between, is a perfect first step that can tremendously help in guiding you or your designer in the right design direction for your brand.”

Whether you hire a designer or create your own logo, it’s a good idea to have different variations. Start with your main logo then design a smaller variation, like an icon, that will be easier to add to pictures, graphics, etc.

Choose your Font(s)

Many people believe their font(s) should be chosen before their logo is designed, but the opposite is actually true. Your fonts should be complimentary to your logo since your logo is the main point of focus. That being said, your typography is still a crucial feature of your branding. Different fonts have the power to make your customers feel a certain way, just like colors do. More and more companies are choosing to use multiple fonts in their branding, but if you do go that route, it’s extremely important your fonts work well together.

Select your Color Palette

When choosing your color palette, consider your company goals and think about what you want your brand to feel like. If you’re opening a holistic spa, you may choose shades of blue which represent loyalty and calmness. Choose shades of yellow if you want your customers to feel energized and positive when they interact with your brand. After you’ve determined what emotions you’d like your company to evoke, choose your brand’s main color and a few complimentary colors. Be sure they aren’t battling one another for your customer’s attention.

Pick your Design Elements

Finally, it’s time to choose your brand’s design elements. These elements can be many different things including textures, graphics or images, to name a few. While they may seem like a minor detail, you’ll be surprised how often you’ll use your design elements when creating your website, establishing your social media presence, etc.

Creating your brand style is one of the most important things you’ll do while getting your small business off the ground! Establishing a cohesive, memorable brand for your business will help you connect with your future customers, and will also make sure they remember who you are. Now that you’ve spent so much time developing your brand style, be sure to compile all of these elements into a brand style guide. Your style guide will help you stay consistent in your business’ branding and will also make it easy for new hires to quickly catch on. Next time, we’ll discuss how to identify your brand’s culture and make your business more relatable to consumers.


#Holmies Go to Haiti! 2017

Many things have changed for our small business over the past year, like our continuous growth and the evolution from Holmes Stamp & Sign to Holmes Custom, but one thing that will never change is the #Holmies’ annual mission trip to Haiti. This year, a group of ten men, including CEO Bryan Croft, Production Supervisor Jesse DeVaughn, and IT Manager Daniel Kellogg, raised $26,000 and collected other nonmonetary donations to bring to the people of Haiti. Their yearly adventure is supported by a nonprofit organization named Haiti180 that organizes mission trips, just like theirs, throughout the year every year. Learn more about Haiti180 and last year’s trip here.

Day 1:

Croft said this year’s trip started similarly to his previous five, with a full day of travel, beginning in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. and ending at Kay Mari, the orphanage the mission trips support. Here they were welcomed by the children’s caretakers and what seemed like millions of stars. After 17 hours of travel, the group headed to bed to rest up for the next day.

Day 2:

In the morning, bananas and coffee prepared them for a full day of work. Each year there is a main task the group focuses on, and this year they worked on the construction of the teacher’s housing. Roughly two miles from Kay Mari is a school. This school’s educators are responsible for teaching the 35 children of Kay Mari and the children of the surrounding village. Haiti180 believes that by educating these children, they are investing in Haiti’s future leaders. So when the team returned this year, it was their mission to construct a place these educators could call home.

Day two was spent moving truck loads of river stones to the location of the teachers’ housing and collecting roughly 700 gallons of water for cement mixing. The rocks and cement combined would later create the foundation of the housing, making them a huge step closer to the finished project. After swimming and bathing in a nearby river, they enjoyed chicken, rice, green beans, and french fries for dinner – a meal prepared by the grateful caretakers of Kay Mari.

Day 3:

On day three, half of the team stayed back to continue construction on the teachers’ house. They collected various elements of the house, like cactus to create a fence, and wood for the cement forms. They also worked to fix one of the roads that was severely damaged in Hurricane Irma. The village’s main road was washed out, causing anyone traveling along the road to get stuck in the mud. So next, they gathered broken boulders and used them to fill in the holes on the road.

The other half of the team went into Port au Prince with two primary missions. Their first goal was to work with a provider in Haiti to get a consistent internet connection to the village.  This is a challenge, as you can imagine, and will take some hard work and time.  But the internet was a game changer for our small business because for 40 years we serviced only select areas of Florida. When our small business dove into the e-commerce side of things, it expanded our opportunities for servicing customers on a national and even international level. Once we were able to service more customers, we were able to create more jobs for our community.

“Bringing internet connection to our village could be a game changer,” said Croft. “We could connect the medical clinic to help provide medical services, connect the school to provide better education for the kids, and finally connect to the village to improve the economy.”

They also worked with a logistics provider to get containers of supplies shipped from the east coast of the United States to Pour au Prince. From Port au Prince, the supplies would be delivered to the orphanage, creating a supply chain for the needs of the village.

After each group completed what they wanted to get done for the day, the team headed back to Kay Mari to relax for the evening and spend time with the children.

Day 4:

After two days of labor-intensive work, the team planned for a day of light work around the orphanage and visiting the homes of the surrounding villagers. Their first stop was to visit John Simone, a man who was left paralyzed from the neck down after a motorcycle accident a few years ago. When they first met John last year, he was in very bad shape and had a very low chance of survival. While his injuries remain very serious, he is now cared for daily by the caretakers of Kay Mari and the people of the village, and his survival rate has increased dramatically.

They continued their home visits, bringing them food, clothing, and other essentials. Along the way they met a family with a rare disease that makes it impossible to walk. There are a few cases of this disease in Haiti, but because of the limited resources they have available, no one has found a cure. The team hoped that by gathering information from the family, they could return later to the United States to consult a doctor to see what could be done for this family and others like them.

After delivering 28 bags of cement to the teacher housing, they made their way back to Kay Mari and were welcomed with BBQ chicken, rice, peas, corn, beans and other vegetables. They all agreed it was the best meal they had while in Haiti. The children gathered for chapel, and the team enjoyed listening to them sing familiar yet foreign songs.

Day 5:

Day five was spent transporting more broken boulders and continuing to repair the washed out road. After two more truckloads, the road began to look significantly better and could now be driven on.

Near Kay Mari is what they call the Elderly Home. Originally, this housing was developed as a hospice center for the elders of the village that could no longer be cared for. Often times in Haiti, families must choose to care for either their children or the elders of the family because they cannot afford to care for both. But the health of many of the members of the Elderly Home has improved since they’ve moved there, partially because they are visited frequently by the children of Kay Mari. They’ve said the children look to them as their grandparents, and this has increased morale for both the children and the elders.

Day 6:

The final day of the team’s trip was spent traveling back to their various parts of the country. For our #Holmies, they left the orphanage around 5:15 a.m., and finally landed back in Jacksonville, FL. at 11:15 p.m.

For many of the group, it was not their first trip to Haiti and certainly won’t be their last. Each trip helps the children of Kay Mari, their caretakers, their educators as well as the surrounding village to be a step closer to self-sustaining. Haiti180’s largest project over the past few years has been building a medical facility for the people, and the team was thrilled to report it’s nearly complete. Medical equipment is officially on its way to the facility. From the orphanage, to the Elderly’s Home, teacher housing to the medical facility – none of this would be possible without Haiti180 and its team of support. To learn more about Haiti180, the children of Kay Mari, becoming a missionary or donating to the cause, you can visit


The Business of Branding: Establishing Company Goals

Most small businesses are born from a dream. Business owners, especially of start-ups, are bursting with ideas and dreams, but without goals, these ideas often fail to materialize. When establishing company goals, it is vital to turn lofty ideas into actionable goals. This week, our the Business of Branding series will focus on how you can set company goals. These steps can help you feel less overwhelmed and more prepared to turn your great idea into a thriving business.

Who Are You?

Before you delve into writing actionable goals, you must first define who you are, what your company offers and how you’re different from your competition. Every successful company has a unique identity in the marketplace. (Businesses that don’t often don’t last.) Before you can start reaching out to customers, you must first know who you are and what you are going to offer your target audience. Think about what made you want to start your own business to begin with. Did a bad experience with a competitor make you want to do the job yourself? Do you have a unique spin on a product or service you frequently use? Do you possess a unique skill? Recalling what made you want to start your business can help you define who you are and what you want your company to prove to its customers.

What is your Product?

What do you want to offer your customer? Are you selling handmade bracelets, bacon flavored cupcakes or throwback style clothing? Are you offering landscaping services or painting shutters? You most likely already know what you want to offer, but you must also know what makes your product or service one-of-a-kind. Perhaps you have a passion for bold prints and patterns. You have everything you need to make retro cherry print skirts, tops and scarves. You also, for example, have a knack for paring patterns. You, and only you, know how to make houndstooth and cherry prints live harmoniously. Once you have defined what is unique about your skill set, your product and how you’ll create it, it’s time to define who your customer is.

Who is your Ideal Customer?

Do you dream of traveling and setting up pop-up shops, or do you want an established location where customers know they can find you? Knowing how you want to present your products will help you determine who your target customer is. If you are selling retro print clothing, for instance, your customer could be a rockabilly, an artist, a performer or all of the above. If you want to travel and set up pop-up shops to sell your patterned skirts and tops, you would need to stay up-to-date on concerts, trade shows, burlesque shows and other happenings that would attract your ideal customer. If you want to sell your wares from a brick and mortar store, imagine where it should be located. For vintage patterns and rockabilly clothing, for example, you would most likely want your shop next to antique stores, coffee and book stores and other small boutiques. Think about who you want to market to, and then decide how you will reach them.

Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Once you have defined who you are, what your product is and who you want to market to, you can begin to determine your goals. It is important to make your goals actionable. Use S.M.A.R.T goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused and time-bound. For example, how much revenue do you plan to earn in your first 6 months? How many events do you plan to attend in order to sell your wares? When and where are these events? How many contacts did you make at each event? Every company will have very different goals, but these goals should always be measurable and attainable. When you reach a milestone or goal, remember to celebrate your success! Record when and how you reached this goal, and be prepared to repeat these successful steps. Also, don’t be afraid to fail. Failure will only help you learn what doesn’t work, and what to avoid in order to keep moving forward.

Once you know what you want to offer your target audience and what your actionable goals are, you can begin planning what your company brand will look and feel like. Our next post will focus on establishing your brand’s style, including choosing your color palette, selecting design elements and selecting other imagery that will attract your ideal customer.
Meanwhile, find out about the different types of small businesses and what the 15 most profitable small businesses are.

7 Things you Need for Tailgating this Football Season


Football season is officially among us, which means you need to be prepared for your weekly tailgate! Get ready for the football season with these fun but also useful products you’ll definitely need at every tailgate. Better yet, you can personalize each item to add even more team spirit to your pre-game party!

1. Stadium Cushion

Bring your personalized stadium cushion along for both the tailgate and the game! They’re perfect for both the tailgate of a truck or the stadium seats. Be comfortable in style while you cheer on your favorite team. Choose from a variety of different designs, plus add your own names, dates, messages – the possibilities are endless!

2. Custom Koozie

Koozies are one of a sports fan’s favorite accessories. Not only do they keep your beverage cool on a hot day, but you can also represent your team. Personalize your team-themed koozie with your initials to make it even more special.

3. Water Bottle

Staying hydrated during a long sporting event can be a challenge. Bring your custom water bottle along and never worry about getting thirsty. This 16 oz. bottle is stylish, affordable, and you’ll never have to wonder which one is yours!

4. Car Flags

Driving your car to the tailgate? Then you definitely need to be sure you’re representing your team with these personalized car flags! These fun designs are sure to turn heads because no one else will have anything like them.

5. Grilling Utensils

A seasoned tailgater will know it’s not a proper tailgate without a grill. Be sure not to forget your grilling utensils so you can make your hamburgers or BBQ chicken. Personalize the wooden box with your favorite team’s logo.

6. Cutting Boards

If you’re tailgating the right way, you’ll definitely need a cutting board. Chop up your veggies for your burger grilled to perfection or to add to your kabobs for a pre-game meal that will be sure to satisfy.

7. Custom License Plate

Your custom license plate will stay on the front of your card long after the season is over. But while it’s here be sure to let everyone know who you’re rooting for as soon as you pull into the parking lot.

With these personalized products, you’ll be the most spirited fan at the game! Not only will they help you throw the perfect tailgate, but you’ll want to keep using them all year long to bring back this football season’s memories. Get ready for a season of tailgating and cheering your favorite team on with us at Holmes Custom.

Our Most Popular Products for Both your Business Needs & Wants

At Holmes Custom, we pride ourselves on being a great place to work. We love having a company full of people who enjoy coming to work each day and believe it’s key to our success. But one of our other major goals is giving our customers the tools they need to do just the same. Whether we’re helping you increase work efficiency, or motivate your employees on a daily basis, we strive to be the place you can turn to when you need anything office-related. From rubber stamps to identification tools, motivational signs to employee gifts, here at Holmes Custom, we have just the personalized product you’re looking for. So today we’re bringing you a few of our top-selling products alongside some of our newest additions to show you we’re your one-stop-shop for all of your business needs and wants.

  • Full-Color Name Tags

In any workplace, effective communication is highly important. Name tags are a valuable tool for any business no matter what your environment is. If your employees are often communicating with customers, name tags will eliminate barriers and make them more approachable. In the same way, name tags in an office setting allow your employees to know one another’s name and job title before a formal introduction takes place. Our custom, full-color name tags are a customer favorite because you can design them to perfectly match your business’ brand.

  • Engraved Desk Plates

Whether your employees are engaging with customers or employees, a desk plate also makes communication easier. A desk plate recognizes your employees and shows them they’re a valuable, permanent member of your team. Our engraved desk plates are offered in a variety of different colors and textures so you’re sure to get exactly what you had in mind every time. You can also go the informal route by ordering a funny desk plate to brighten and liven up your employees’ desks.

  • Custom Signage

Custom signs are essential to any business because they keep customers and employees informed. Whether you own a retail store and need to direct your customers to the fitting rooms, or you’re the manager of a busy restaurant and want to inform your guests there is a step down into your dining room, there’s a sign for it all. The best part about our engraved, full-color signs is you personalize them with your brand’s logo or colors to reflect your business in a professional way.

  • Logo, Office & Address Stamps

Stamps will always hold a special place in our hearts because they brought our small business to life. These days, there are a wide variety of stamp styles to choose from. There’s the old-fashioned wooden hand stamp, the self-inking stamp and the pre-inked stamp, each of which has its own perks and purposes. There are also an endless number of uses for your rubber stamps, from branding your small, local coffee shop with a logo stamp, or increasing your office’s efficiency with stock office stamps.

  • Custom Embossers

The art of embossing is something that has been appreciated for centuries. Embossers are widely used in the offices of notaries, architects, engineers, etc. but there are many other ways to use your custom embosser. A logo embosser is a great way to elegantly brand your business, either on envelopes or with an embossed seal.

  • Motivational Signs

One of our more recent additions to Holmes Custom is our collection of motivational signs. Whether you’re ordering one for your own desk to get you through those long Mondays, or want to increase company culture within your business, these colorful, inspirational signs are sure to increase morale. Make your company a great place to work by giving your employees a sense of encouragement every day.

  • Employee Awards & Gifts

Another great way to improve your company’s culture is with employee awards and gifts. A small token of gratitude goes a long way, so remind your team how appreciated they are with rewards. For example, celebrate an employee’s work anniversary with a personalized gift, or give out funny awards at the company’s holiday party.

Whether you need a stock office stamps for your team of receptionists, name tags for your retail professionals, or motivational signs to hang in your business’ break room, Holmes Custom is your one-stop-shop for all of your business needs and wants! We’ve evolved in many ways over the years, as both a company and in the products we produce, and we’re not stopping any time soon. We’re so excited to see how popular some of our newest products become. Stay tuned to see what we’ll have to offer you next!



5 Affordable Ways to Brand Your Small Business

You’ve developed your product or service and you believe your idea has unique market value. You’ve thought of a memorable company name, bought your domain name, established a phone number and address, and you’ve even designed your logo. You’re ready to put your company mission into action, right? Not just yet. Before you start reaching out to customers, there is a one last step that can help transform your mission from an intangible ideal into a cohesive, memorable brand. This involves creating solid and trustworthy correspondence with your audience. To do this, there are 5 very affordable things that can let customers know your company is legit and here to stay:

  1. An Official Logo Rubber Stamp:

For just $10 you can have a rubber stamp with your official company logo. This stamp can be used for many branding purposes. Selling homemade soaps? Stamp paper bags or boxes with your unique logo! Sending out mailers or company collateral? Make sure the envelope and paper is stamped with your logo. You can even create your own business cards using a logo stamp. It is vital to keep your company logo in front of customers, and a rubber stamp is an affordable marketing tool that keeps your business from being lost in the shuffle of start-ups and fly by nights.

Logo Stamper

Logo stamps can be simple, featuring only your logo, but they can also include your logo, address, phone number, website, social media page and more.


Custom Line Logo Stamp


  1. An Address Stamp:

Have you ever come across an e-commerce site that had no contact number or physical location? You didn’t trust placing an order did you? How about a sales person who came to your door and did not have a business card? Obviously that person was either not trustworthy, or had no real interest in gaining your business. Small and affordable details can make your company look trustworthy and official. An address stamp can be used on mail and paperwork to let customers know you have a location where they can meet you in person, if needed. Even if your location is your garage, having a real life way of being reached makes your business more trustworthy to customers.


3 Line Address Stamp


  1. Custom Mugs or Promotional Items:

Start-up businesses often don’t have the budget to order bulk marketing collateral or free swag to hand out to customers. (Although there are many places online, like, that offer huge discounts on promotional items and business cards.) If you are just starting out, but want to give your business some real life brand power, how about customizing a mug? Even if you order just enough for your staff, coffee mugs are a great way to get your logo in front of more people. At a slightly higher price point, SIC cups and tumblers can be engraved with a logo.

Custom Company Mug

  1. Custom Signs with Business Logo and Information

If you have a physical location, make sure you post appropriate signage to let customers know who you are, when and how you can be reached if they stop by during non-business hours, and what service or product you provide. Make sure your sign ties in your unique company message, logo, name, phone number and other important information. Depending on the size of sign you need, custom engraved plastic signs start at just $10. It doesn’t get much more affordable than that, and an engraved sign proves once again to customers, that your business is legitimate and trustworthy.

  1. Custom Front License Plate

Many small business owners work from their cars. Whether you’re traveling around town to give estimates on home maintenance projects, or you meet with clients at coffee shops, you can back up your branding efforts by attaching a custom license plate to your vehicle. Custom license plates start at less than $25 and can get your business logo and contact information in front of many potential customers. Custom front plates make you look like a professional business owner. Other products, such as magnetic signs and clings can provide even more information, but custom plates offer a classy appeal that completes your offline marketing efforts.

Custom Front License PlateIn this digital age, it’s important to remember to reach people in real life, and to have a physical place to send your online audience once they’ve learned about your brand either online or offline. Branding and trustworthiness are born from a strategic marriage of online and offline marketing efforts. Real world marketing should reflect your online image and voice. Once customers recognize your logo, are made keenly aware of your image and mission, and know how to reach you online and offline, you can use sales, promotions, events and other happenings to create a stronger relationship with your audience. Trusted, traditional marketing is still alive and well, and you can use stamps, signs, mugs, license plates and more in order to give your start-up a real chance to compete and grow in a saturated market.

Gifts for Dad: Because Nothing’s More Personal than Something Personalized

Finding the perfect gift for Dad can be challenging. What do you buy for the man who already has it all? Another tie? A bottle of cologne? Instead of racking your brain for ways to be unique and creative, make your life a little easier with our guide to the best personalized Father’s Day gifts. Whether he’s a grilling fanatic or loves his man cave, we’ve got you covered.


  1. Trendy Monogram Coasters

These leatherette coasters are add an elegant touch to your Dad’s favorite lounging space. They’ll fit perfectly on the end table next to his lazy boy or on the bar in the game room. Personalize them with his initials for a gift he knows you went the extra mile for.

  1. A Mug for the Mornings

Get Dad a gift that will make him smile each time he starts the day with a cup of joe. Customize a coffee mug with whatever sweet reminder you think he would love to see in the mornings, like this Papa Bear design. If coffee isn’t enough to make his day, your message certainly will be.

  1. The Classic Street Sign

Because what Dad wouldn’t love to hang a street sign in his man cave? Customize your order to match his personal style. The possibilities are endless with this classic piece of décor.

  1. Personalized Cutting Board

If your Dad loves to spend time in the kitchen, this may be the perfect gift for him. This laser engraved, bamboo cutting board makes chopping fun and personal. Add his initials, your family’s last name or “Chef Dad” for a personalized, thoughtful gift.

  1. World’s #1 Dad Beer Mug

This “World’s #1 Dad” beer mug is the perfect gift for your favorite beer enthusiast. Give him the gift of a cold beer on a Friday afternoon from his new favorite glass. With three lines to personalize, change up the message as you wish or keep it simple.

  1. Photo Puzzle

Take his favorite memory and turn it into a fun activity you can enjoy together. This custom, 60 piece puzzle is great for Dad to assemble with kids of all ages. The gloss finish will keep the pieces alive as long as the memories.

  1. & 8. Monogram Leatherette Accessories

This present takes the traditional wallet gift for Dad a step further by adding personalization. He always appreciates a new wallet, but make it even more special by adding his name or initials. These custom leatherette accessories are perfect for your entrepreneur or businessman Dad. Gift him a matching folio as well to bring to work meetings.

With an array of personalized gifts to choose from, the perfect gift for every Dad can be found at Holmes Custom. Best of all, all personalized gifts ship next business day, so you’ll be sure to have your Father’s Day gift before June 18th. Shop here to find the best gift for your favorite man!