The 2015 Holiday Season Is On At Holmes Stamp!

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The Holiday season has officially kicked off here at Holmes Stamp & Sign! From our company wide decorations to our new product designs, there’s no holding back our holiday spirit this year or ever! And even though there’s a lack of snow on the ground here in North Florida, that hasn’t stopped us from feeling the icy fingertips of Mr. Jack Frost himself (sure it was only a few days, but it counts right?). While it’s true we haven’t felt as much fall weather as we have in years past, we’re hopeful that things will continue to cool down for the winter Holidays!

So just how are we kicking things off this year? If you’re a part of our mailing list, you’ve got a pretty good idea! This year we’re going above and beyond to bring our customers the best possible steals and deals that we can manage! Miss out on Black Friday and Cyber Monday? We’ve got plenty of more specials and one of a kind holiday stamps coming your way!

So what can we offer you to help you breeze through your holiday to-do list? Plenty!

1. Address Stamps

Nothing says the Holidays are approaching quite like the mass amount of Holiday Greeting cards that cycle through the mail every year. For those with families, this is a great time to update friends and family that you may not get a chance to talk to much on all of the things that have gone on this past year. Whether you choose to send out a full length letter or just a standard Season’s Greetings card, our famous address stamps can help you save time where it counts – and when it comes to the holidays, EVERY minute counts when you’re trying to get stuff done! Self inking address stamps are a super fast and trendy way to get your mail ready to go in half the time! Simply make your impression and move on to the next envelope. Capable of countless impressions, these little guys make excellent time savers for you or stocking stuffers for others!

2. Gift Labels

Ready to tackle yet another time consuming aspect of the holiday season? How many times have you been wrapping presents only to end up fighting with cheap gift labels that rip, tear, and even peel right off of your packages? Never again! No more struggling to apply gift labels, and no more running to the store at the last minute to buy more because you ran out! Save your time and money by making your own! Now we know this may sound more time consuming than going to the store, but we promise it’s not! Just purchase some cheap labels from your local office store and stamp your gift tags with one of our gift tag stamps! Or you can choose to get really creative by cutting up bits of scrapbook paper and using ribbon, tape, or glue, to attach it to your gift bags or packages.

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3. Santa Signature’s

Whether you have kids or know someone who does, our Santa Signature stamps are the perfect tool to use this holiday season. Nothing encourages kids to be on their best behavior quite like a personalized letter from Santa! Just type the letter up yourself and then use one of our Santa Signature stamps to give it an authentic touch!

Here at Holmes Stamp & Sign, we’ve worked especially hard this year making sure that you won’t have to! It is our Holiday wish to you, that you are able to sit back and relax this winter and enjoy the season!