Holmes Stamp & Sign’s Blood Drive

Throughout the year, we make time to distract from our usual work and give back to those in need. When you give to someone else, not only are you impacting another’s life – but you’re also impacting your own. Helping someone else ignites a joy within us that’s undeniable. This time around, Holmes Stamp & Sign hosted a blood drive with the help of OneBlood.


On Friday, November 11th the big red OneBlood bus pulled into our parking lot bright and early. Our Human Resources Manager, Elena Rend, directed the large vehicle as it struggled to find space in our parking lot.  At 8:30 a.m., donations began!

Thirteen of our employees squeezed tight on red and blue, foam rubber balls as the OneBlood nurses drew their blood. All donors received a OneBlood fleece blanket as well as a wellness checkup including blood pressure, temperature, iron count, pulse and cholesterol screenings.

Holmes Stamp & Sign makes it a priority to host a blood drive multiple times a year. In fact, this was our third blood drive in 2016 alone! There’s plenty of other organizations also contributing to this great cause like various Walgreens locations and movie theatres offering incentives like free movie tickets.

If you’re interested in donating, OneBlood has donation centers located from the most southern tip of Florida all the way up into Georgia. Or you can park the big red bus in your organization’s parking lot for a few hours and get your employees involved, too!

Visit www.OneBlood.org to find out more about donating and/or hosting a blood drive.

While you’re there, visit the “I am OneBlood” tab to learn about all the lives this small gesture is impacting!

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