The Elves on the Shelf Serve Lunch

elves-on-a-shelf-smallerWhen motivating your employees to reach a goal, no matter what that goal may be, it’s hard to beat the free food incentive. But our CEO and CFO managed to do just that. How? Well, not only was there free food on the table, but they also agreed to serve us lunch… dressed as ELVES!


That’s right – as if a catered lunch from Taco Lu wasn’t enough, we also got to enjoy Bryan Croft and Steve Fernandez, who we know as “Fern”, dressed up in Buddy the Elf costumes.


During our final month of the year, we have all kinds of incentives to reach a certain number in revenue. These incentives include ice cream sundae parties, pizza parties, catered lunches (yes – we like food here), scratch off lottery tickets, bowling parties, tickets to local sporting events and more. There’s no better way to get everyone here at Holmes Stamp & Sign all pumped for, what we called this year, “The Holmes Stretch.”

elf-on-a-shelf-8Giggles were heard throughout the office a few minutes before noon last Thursday. As Bryan and Fern emerged in their full Elf attire, photos were snapped and jokes were thrown around. Large to-go containers were uncovered and the smell of tacos traveled through the building. We all got in line and one-by-one they served us tacos, rice, beans, salsa, queso and tortilla chips. Laughter, satisfaction, but most of all accomplishment filled the room as we all indulged in our catered lunch.


As lunch came to an end, we all gathered around the Christmas tree set up in our Marketing suite. Bryan and Fern not-so-excitedly posed for pictures as they knew they would soon be posted all over the Internet!  After a few group photos, some normal and some silly, we headed back to our work stations.


Part of what makes Holmes Stamp & Sign so special is our company’s culture. Success and customer satisfaction is certainly very important to us, but our leaders always emphasize the importance of enjoying our work. Here at Holmes, we’re more than co-workers – we’re more like a family.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours! From your friends at Holmes Stamp & Sign.