Welcoming Jax Beach Elementary on Manufacturing Day

At Holmes Custom, we love to give back to our Jacksonville community! One of the ways we choose to do so is by hosting an annual field trip for the Jacksonville Beach Elementary School first graders. This is a fun tradition we started in 2010, but something that made this year’s field trip even more special is it took place on Manufacturing Day! Manufacturing Day occurs on the first Friday of every October and it’s purpose is to celebrate modern manufacturing and inspire the next generation of manufacturers. As we prepared for this year’s field trip day, we knew there couldn’t have been a better day to invite these students into our Jacksonville facility.

As the school bus pulled into our parking lot early Friday morning, team members from different departments were ready in their stations to welcome the kids. From customer service to shipping, product development to production, there were hands-on stations set up throughout the building to show the students what we do here at Holmes.

We started the day off with a welcome speech by our CEO, Bryan Croft, then the kids followed him over to the “clock in” area where each student “punched in to work”. Next, they broke into groups and traveled around to the different areas. In our production department, they learned how name tags, buttons, stickers and stamps are made, and at the end of each activity they got a fun gift to bring home.

They also visited our Marketing department to learn about product development and come up with creative ideas for products of their own, from coffee mugs to Halloween stamp designs. Our customer service team taught the students about how we prioritize our customers needs to ensure they’re always happy, and about some of the other products we offer on our websites. In the shipping department, they got to see all the different corners of the country we ship to on a daily basis, and of course, left with a few of our signature tootsie rolls!

“What started out as an opportunity to help my daughters’ school with a field trip to our office has really evolved into a fun event for us and the students,” said CEO Bryan Croft. “This one day a year when we open up the office for 80 or so first graders, we try to teach them what it’s all about here, but also work on what they’re learning in school. We teach them the importance of spelling correctly and taking your time as haste makes waste. We also talk about team building and brain storming new ideas for products.”

Every year there’s at least a few students completely fascinated by some of the manufacturing jobs we offer our community here at Holmes Custom. We pride ourselves on the products we make everyday, but to see how excited these children get about our company is a completely different joy of it’s own.  We can’t wait to welcome the next group of first graders in 2018! To learn more about Manufacturing Day, click here.

Author: Sarah De Nicolais

Sarah De Nicolais graduated from the University of North Florida with a Bachelors in Communication.

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