Holmes Custom Pushing Tech Growth

Today we want spotlight our involvement in the 2019 Tech Coast Conference. We are proud to announce that Promo180.com, one of the websites within the Holmes Custom family of brands, is the official sponsor for this summer’s conference.

As the sponsor, Promo180 will be providing printed collateral, signs, name tags and other promotional materials for conference vendors.

The Tech Coast Conference is a one-day event that takes place at the TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville, FL on August 21st, 2019. Holmes Custom is continuing to expand its digital presence by being a part of this innovative event.

Tech Coast Conference

As Jacksonville’s biggest technology event, the Tech Coast Conference gathers IT professionals, business owners and executives, product managers and digital marketers in one place. Tech enthusiasts from all backgrounds are invited to spend the day learning, exchanging ideas, and propelling Jacksonville to the next phase of IT development. This marks the 6th year of the annual conference.

The conference features speakers such as Jim Stallings a local entrepreneur, Dr. Johannes Ullrich, Dean of Research at SANS Technology Institute and Josh Scobee, a former Jacksonville Jaguars Football Player, as well as a panel of experts from Jacksonville Transportation Authority. The speakers will cover topics such as developments in cyber attacks, data governance, AI, cloud technologies, and other global trends.

Designed by The Jacksonville Chamber IT Council, Tech Coast Conference is a forum for local business to share solutions for advancing the digital landscape and it plays a key role in connecting IT decision makers and key stakeholders. This event helps develop partnerships and create employment opportunities in North Florida.

Staying Competitive in the eCommerce Era

Satisfying our Holmes’ customers goes beyond offering top quality business products, personalized gifts and novelty items. As the parent company of seven online brands, Holmes Custom must keep up with digital trends to stay afloat in each of its business verticals.

At Holmes Custom, we intelligently route orders, managing geolocation, capacity and manufacturing processes for 3 separate locations. We are able to do this with a tech team focused on growth and scalability capabilities through fully responsive platforms.

Jim Gruhn, our Chief Technology Officer and an active member of the Jax Chamber CIO Council, is part of the executive leadership that has brought us to a place where we now sell thousands of products and employ a team of 100 talented staff members we call “Holmies.”

Gruhn is dedicated to finding the next innovative solution for Holmes Custom. His team of full stack engineers, a UX developer and Systems Administrator use open source and best of breed technologies to continually deliver. Holmes Custom now operates in all major marketplaces that are integrated with MWS API’s.  His team uses scalable tech platforms to push 7 websites towards eCommerce success.

Holmes Custom is showing its commitment to innovation, digital growth, and the employment of the Jacksonville and surrounding community by investing in local resources such as this. It is our hope that the Tech Coast Conference will play a critical role in helping North Florida mature into an established tech community and make Jacksonville a destination for top talent.

Creative Ways to Share Your Magnetic Business Cards

From multinational corporations to the corner patisserie, business cards are tiny brochures that tell your valued patrons – and potential customers – what you’re all about! And they’re a terrific pocket sized marketing opportunity.



Here are our favorite tried and true ways to jazz up and share business cards so they’re sure to be noticed – and remembered!


A Business Card with a Purpose

Be sure your business card doesn’t become just another card in the deck. Magnetic business cards are terrific for adhering to filing cabinets, refrigerators, or other metal surfaces. Get creative! Use business cards as tickets to special dining or company events, as bookmarks, and even as a reusable discount card for a small percentage off each purchase.


Include a Fun Fact or a Testimonial

When designing your business card, you naturally want it to stand out from the others. And, most certainly, you want the information on your card to be read. Try adding a fun fact that will grab the card recipient’s attention. If you’re a marine biologist or work at an aquarium, for example, you might include a line that says ‘Did you know? An octopus has three hearts’!

 Technology Is In!

Adding a QR code or a specific product SKU to your business cards that offers a discount for visiting your website is an ideal way to easily track the effectiveness of your business cards – and that people are really interested in what information you’re sharing with them.

 Send Those Business Cards in Creative Ways

Send Business Cards along with invoices and to existing – and potential – vendors and suppliers. You may be surprised when an opportunity to gain a new client or expand your business presents itself from something as simple as the interest drawn to your organization via a well-designed business card.

 Show Your Support for a Cause

Just about every company out there loves to give back, whether to the community or somewhere in need around the world. Proudly show your patrons, clients, and guests who or what you support by including a small line about your support somewhere on your magnetic business card, such as ‘We proudly support the March of Dimes.” It may even inspire others to join in and offer support, too!

Instantly Connect Your Face to Your Company

Include your best professional picture or even your favorite social media profile picture (depending on the casualness of your organization) on your business card so that people will remember you and associate you with your business long after your initial meeting.

Best Buddies 2019

This year Holmes Custom teamed up its efforts toward helping the nonprofit organization, known as Best Buddies, reach their annual fundraising goal. If you don’t know, Best Buddies is a “volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment, leadership development, and inclusive living for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities”1. To help raise money and awareness they hold a walk in 53 different countries and every state in the U.S!

Our Holmes Cares committee got to thinking on how we could raise enough to help make an impact, and they figured it out in the most delicious way possible. On May 2nd, we gathered to share a holmie homemade spaghetti lunch! With pasta, meatballs, garlic bread, and cookies galore we got to feast for a cause. Each Holmie donated $10 towards our fund and in exchange got to devour a delicious meal. With full bellies and smiles, we managed to exceed our fundraising goal! We had a goal of $500 and just from our spaghetti lunch alone we raised $560. But like the dedicated holmies we are, our efforts did not stop there.

A few days after on May 4th, we put on our walking shoes and headed towards Jax Beach. The Seawalk Pavilion hosted 600 people who came to walk for inclusion. Starting off the event, we participated in a group stretch. Then the awards were handed out, and we celebrated their impressive fundraising donations. From high schools, businesses and individual donors it was marvelous to see everyone come together to help reach a common goal. As soon as they cut the ribbon, we eagerly began our walk. We took a few laps along the beach and the pavilion. With music filling the air and the dogs playing around, it was hard not to have a good time. Once the walk came to an end, there were activities for everyone to enjoy. With a bounce house, a silly photo booth and Frisbee toss there was something for everyone. They even served delicious food, like pizza and donuts.

At the end of the day, everyone’s support was well worth it. Not only did our team surpass its goal, so did Best Buddies. With the help of our holmes cares team, the luncheon, and individual Holmie contributions we raised an encouraging $795! Best Buddies goal was 95,000 for the Jacksonville walk, but this event exceeded that number with a record $100,000! Our Holmies were glad to contribute! A big thank you to everyone who participated and donated towards our fundraising efforts. We look forward to doing it all again next year! In the meantime, you can follow us @HolmesCustom to keep up with our work in the community.



  1. https://www.bestbuddies.org/what-we-do/mission-vision-goals/

Health and Wellness Fair

On Wednesday, April 24th we ventured out of the office and into a fair “custom” made for the Holmies team. For the first time, Holmes Custom hosted a Health and Wellness Fair, which was put on by the Healthy Holmies initiative. During this fun event, we visited booths offered by different businesses. Each booth was hosted by a local vendor who supplied products to help us work on our wellness goals. Our wonderful vendors included the Jacksonville Jaguars, Community First Bank, Super Fit Foods, Local Fare JAX, and Anytime Fitness.

Beginning at the Community First Bank booth, we had the opportunity to open a new bank or credit account. This was a great opportunity for Holmies who needed a new bank, and each person even received money for signing up and providing referrals. The big hit of this booth was the cash cube. One of our holmies, Jesse, scored $31 in only twenty seconds!


The second booth was for the Jacksonville Jaguars. We were able to enter a raffle to win stadium tour tickets. Sports fans went to hear about the upcoming schedule and found information on season passes. Just in time for the NFL draft, GO JAGS!

Thirdly was Anytime Fitness, who came to offer us some great deals. Holmes Custom has a partnership with its local Lakewood branch. The branch extends discounts for enrollment and monthly fees. Not only did they present us with a way to reach our fitness and exercise goals, but they also provided a prize wheel that offered gift cards and free classes!

Another super vendor we had was Super Fit Foods. This company delivers meal prepped foods straight to your door. They offer meals to fit almost any diet imaginable, even for those with food restrictions. We also got to try the delicious samples they brought like peanut butter protein cookies and sweet potato protein bars.

Our last vendor was Local Fare Jax. Their motto is, “let us bring the farm to your front door” and they do just that. They deliver fresh produce to your door within 24-48 hours after it has been handpicked or gathered. Using this service is a great way to start working towards your nutrition goals.

For those of us that are Florida Blue members, we had the chance to complete a free biometric screening. Also known as a “measurement of physical characteristics.” In a typical wellness screening, they take measurements of your height, weight, BMI, blood pressure and more.

The first ever Holmie Health and Wellness Fair was a complete success, thanks to the marvelous efforts of our people operations coordinator, Sarah De Nicolais, along with assistance from Head of People Operations, Alice Viego. We also can’t forget the help received from our Holmes Cares committee! This event awarded a few lucky Holmies with great raffle prizes, including $50 gift cards, water bottles, and even stadium tour tickets. Of course, each Holmie who attended the Health Fair received helpful tips on fitness, nutrition and financial wellness. Each booth brought us one step closer to reaching our individual goals!

The 2019 Culture Olympics


Last Thursday the 2019 Annual Holmes Custom Olympics took place at company headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida.

Following a festive barbecue lunch, members of the executive team stepped up to the microphone to share big news with the room full of ‘holmies’ (the affectionate nickname for all company employees). Alice Viego, Head of People Operations, opened with a warm welcoming statement.

Bryan Croft, CEO and President, gave a state of the company address.  He shared some of the obstacles and achievements of the last year. He spoke about where the company has been been and where we are going. He shared his excitement to make it to 65 years in business with a forecast of many more to come.

SEO Assistant Katie Viego and CFO Steve Fernandez

Steve Fernandez, CFO and Vice President, provided insight on how the company plans to pursue the next goals. He introduced holmies to the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) and why the company chose this strategy. He then passed the torch to Jim Gruhn, Chief Technology Officer, who went on to explain how the EOS business model will help the propel the company’s productivity, accountability and growth. He described how the EOS will be the pulse of Holmes Custom’s next evolution.

Holmies ready to hear the new core values.

Bryan returned to the stage  for the big moment everyone was anticipating. Bryan announced the new core values. The Holmie Nation will strive to embody these core values: Grit, Accountability, Passion, Curiosity, Collaboration, and Winning!

After the announcement about new values, Sarah De Nicolais, People Operations Coordinator, shared the rules to the next challenge, and the company broke off into teams to take on this year’s Olympics.

The first challenge was a scavenger hunt. Each team was to search for clues that led to a token representing one of the core values. The teams scrambled around the premises to find the hidden treasure and attempt to finish first. Once everyone conquered the scavenger quest, it was time to huddle up again.

One of the winning teams.

The final competition centered on the question “What do our Core Values mean to YOU?” This challenge turned out to be a great platform for holmies to give shout outs to individuals they have seen demonstrate core values in everyday work. In true Ninja spirit, people shared praise and thanks for employees that have seen model values in tangible ways. The teams brought humor, creativity, and passion into their presentations.

The games ended with scavenger hunt and presentation awards, as well as handing out a specially designed 65th anniversary company t-shirt and water bottle featuring the new core values.


Holmes Encourages Learning with Employee Scholarship Program

As Holmes Custom celebrates our 65th anniversary and how much we’ve grown, we know that our talented team of employees, or ‘Holmies’, as we’re known, are the key to our success! While some of us have been here since the beginning and many of us are just getting started, Holmes Custom’s goal is to invest in our team by making ours one of the best companies to work for our employees and the communities we live in!

This May, we’re proud to offer the first annual Holmes Custom scholarship to a deserving employee who’s passionate about hitting the books for professional growth! Whether it’s going back to school at a local university or working toward certification in a technical field, we want to help our Holmies reach their educational goals. Each year we’ll award $2,500 to one of our resident scholars.

This month, Holmies from across the country convened to take part in our day of Culture Olympics. Our second annual event – and quickly becoming a favorite! – welcomed all employees as we came together as a team to celebrate how far we’ve come and share our excitement for a future focused on continued growth. Through a mix of fantastic food, exciting team building events, and shared values, memories, and inspiration from all of our participants, Holmes Custom’s 2019 Culture Olympics made us all feel like gold medal winners!

We’re also quite proud of our Holmes Cares program, centered on the mission of engaging our employees in active volunteer service focused on giving back to our local communities. From blood drives to Best Buddies Friendship Walks to product donation allowances for charitable contributions offered to every employee, Holmies love to give back.  And spreading our wings just a bit further, there’s never a shortage of volunteers ready to travel with our owner, Bryan Croft, on our annual Haiti180 mission trip. We’re dedicated to making a positive impact where it matters most.

Launched last year, our Healthy Holmies Wellness Program is designed to provide all our employees with the tools and encouragement to reach our personal fitness and wellness goals and live our most healthful lives. Chosen by employees, our wellness program focuses on stress management, fitness and exercise, nutrition, weight loss, and financial wellness.

Our ‘Holmie Nation’ that has evolved over the past 65 years has become a terrific environment for employees to work, play, and grow together – and this is just the beginning!

Holmes Custom Celebrates 65 Years!

Who We Are

The Holmes Custom family, or ‘Holmie Nation’ as we like to say, is made up of a talented team of more than 100 employees who are the best in the business! Because of our passion for creating the highest quality products along with unparalleled customer service, our brand has grown to include seven specialty websites offering a variety of personalized products: Name Tag Wizard, Simply Stamps, Custom Signs, Promo180, 904 Custom, All State Notary Supplies, and The Corporate Connection. Whether you’re looking for professional trade show banners, personalized baby gifts, or anything in between, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for with the Holmes family of brands.

Under the leadership of our owners Bryan Croft and Steve Fernandez, our company has transformed from a brick and mortar storefront to an online marketplace, where 95 percent of our sales are conducted via the internet. What an evolution!

Where We Came From

Our journey started in 1954, when founder Owen Holmes opened a rubber stamp business in a small rented storefront in Jacksonville, Florida. Although we’ve moved a few times since then, and have opened regional offices in Massachusetts and Texas, our core philosophy has stayed the same. According to Bryan, “Mr. Holmes really set a foundation of hard work and innovation that we are still inspired by today, creating and building for our families and the communities we serve.”

Taking over for his father in 1985, Owen Holmes, Jr. partnered with Bob Croft (above) and continued to grow the company until 2009, when current owners Bryan and Steve took the helm and continued to develop this third-generation company into the e-commerce business we are today.

Holmies Make It Happen!

As we celebrate our 65th anniversary and how much we’ve grown over the years, we know that our team of dedicated employees, or ‘holmies’, as we’re known, are the key to our success. Some of us have been here since the beginning, sharing our wealth of knowledge and experience with the newest members of our Holmes Custom team!

What We’ve Become

Throughout the years, our vision and core philosophy have remained the same. We have an unwavering passion for innovative products made in America with the highest levels of quality workmanship, perfectly personalized for our valued customers. Our products are never mass produced. Rather, they are custom made to order in our state-of-the-art production facilities just for you.

Our ‘Holmie Nation’ also is dedicated to giving back to our communities. Whether we’re participating in quarterly blood drives, hosting donation drives to support our troops, collecting toys for local children during the holidays, or volunteering for our annual Haiti180 mission trip led by our owner Bryan Croft, we’re dedicated to making a positive difference where it matters most.

Here’s to the next 65 years!


Our 2018 Mission Trip to Haiti

When a friend invited Bryan on a mission trip to Haiti a few years back, he didn’t realize just how much it would change his perspective on life. The same can be said about every other missionary that traveled to the third world country in early November. For a few, it was their first trip there, and for the others, they return year after year to help the beautiful people of Haiti.

Haiti180 is the incredible organization that makes these mission trips possible. Founded in 2002, it’s mission is to “turn it around”. Since its inception, Haiti180 has established an orphanage with a church, a school, an elderly home, and a medical clinic, all near the village of Miragoane . While there is still a long way for Haiti180 to go, the impact this organization has had is tremendous.  

Katie, a 31-year-old missionary, is the orphanage director. She is also a cancer survivor and a modern day Mother Theresa. She left Ohio to live in Haiti and run the Catholic orphanage more than 7 years ago. During our week-long stay, she led us to individual huts to spend time with families in need.  Katie showed us how to serve the Haitian people through relationship. She does this by learning about the lives of the people in the village around her, identifying specific needs, and personally bringing goods and spending time together. We brought medicine, toothbrushes, diapers, clothing, food, vitamins and even candy right into each hut. We learned about every person we brought supplies to and Deacon, one member of our group, prayed for each.

Most of the stories we heard about their lives were heartbreaking and unimaginable. We heard about a family of nine living in a tiny hut who struggled to have enough to eat and slept on straw mats on the ground. We stepped into their lives for a moment to treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve. We visited an elderly woman, named Vanaella, who spent the last 3 years in her hut, unable to move herself or even turn over. There were 4 generations all sharing a tiny space and an outdoor kitchen area. We brought them food and Vanaella had a message for us. She said, “Every morning, if you wake up, thank God that you are alive. And then at night thank Him again for all the things that happened throughout the day.”

Every time we went on a hike to the huts, our group filled our backpacks and bags to the brim with candy, Cliff bars, dolls and the essentials Katie knew the village’s families were in need of. The moment we walked out of the orphanage gate, flocks of kids would gather around us. They would grab our hands and walk with us for miles, smiling from ear to ear. I don’t know whose smiles were bigger, the children or the missionaries.

The Texas, Massachusetts, and Florida Trio of 14 Missionaries trekked all around rural parts of Haiti. Joe drove us over mountains, into rivers and through the mud to bring us to the orphanage. During our time there, we also worked to complete various manual labor tasks. We shoveled dirt and rocks which will be used to make cement for two projects. These projects are adding a separate boys house to the orphanage and building onto the senior living home. We painted parts of the orphanage to help prevent rust. It took high ladders, reaching long arms and balancing to get the edges of the second floor and roof. We painted the Cantor (missionary bus) which involved hovering around the roof to paint the top and climbing ladders to touch up the window grids.

We toured all the facilities Haiti180 built from the ground up, including the school where we taught the kids how to play basketball. Katie translated the rules from English to Creole and we played a 5-on-5 game with the students in some serious morning heat. We also passed out school supplies that had been donated, and the way the students’ faces lit up over something as simple as a notebook, pens and pencils was heartwarming. During our trip, we were able to spend time with the kids at the orphanage, from playing soccer, dancing on the kitchen steps and getting braids, to attending mass and being a part of their service through Bible readings.

There were many moments during this trip to Haiti that will stay with us all for years to come, but one stands out in particularly – our visit with John Simon, a man paralyzed from the neck down. Because he spends every day lying in bed and how long he had been neglected when Katie first met him, he’s now in need of daily treatment. So on day two we all went to visit and care for him.

Aimee, Sarah, Jesse, Karen, and Anna worked with Katie to address some of John Simon’s immediate medical needs by treating bedsores, cleaning excrement, and redressing wounds. They bent over his bed to complete this slow process and offer this man what help they could. When Katie first met John Simon, he was depressed and living a very lonely life, and while he’s still confined to his small hut in the middle of the village, he’s in much better physical and mental shape then he was a few years ago. He now has daily visitors to care for him and brighten his day.

It’s often hard to put into words an experience like the one we all shared in Haiti, but each and every missionary would agree it’s life changing. When you have the opportunity to witness such a beautiful country, filled with such loving and welcoming people, but who are struggling so deeply, you can’t help but to want to return each year to make whatever impact you’re able to.  

The Business of Branding: How to Establish Brand Voice & Position

Have you noticed that the oldest and most established companies change their voice and messaging over time?  In the 1980s, for example, Pepsi’s “The Choice of a New Generation” campaign used Michael Jackson’s iconic music along with other popular culture idioms to attract the ears and eyes of a youthful audience. (As early as 1961 Pepsi branded itself as the cola for “those who think young.”) Through the years, Pepsi Co. successfully positioned itself as the brand for a younger, hipper generation. (This messaging adversely marked Coke as the soda for a more mature demographic.)

This kind of messaging is powerful and it keeps brands growing, thriving and competing with one another. Company branding is fluid and should be intuitive to the voice of its consumer base and a constantly evolving marketplace. As this week’s “The Business of Branding” post, we will focus on creating a brand voice that not only speaks directly to your target customer, but that also stands out amid a sea of competitors.

First, it is helpful to define what brand voice IS NOT. Brand voice is not music, jingles or sound effects. Once you have reached the point of creating your brand voice and position, you ideally have your visual elements in place, including your color palette, imagery, patterns and other cues that draw the eye in and create an aesthetic identity. Your brand voice should work in collaboration with visual elements to build a cohesive, unforgettable message.

Six basic steps to creating a brand voice:

  1. Define your brand’s personality in words. These words should precisely say who you are. They should speak definitively to your target audience. At this point in building your brand, you should have a strong idea of who you’re trying to reach. Are they young, energetic and ready for the latest trends, or are they older, more mature and established in their beliefs? For decades, Pepsi chose to reach out to a youthful audience, while Coke was the “classic” of soft drinks. Start with 3 words that define your brand, and build from there. (Example: Young, bold and energetic, or mature, established and steadfast.)
  2. Stand apart from the competition. Review what your top competitors are doing. What messaging and verbiage are they using to speak to their customer? Once you find out, DON’T copy what they’re doing. Say something unique. What do you offer that your competitor doesn’t? Reflect this uniqueness in your verbiage.
  3. Ask yourself “How does my audience communicate?” Are they sarcastic, funny or formal? Once you understand the way they speak, you can use this to communicate with them.
  4. Use a call to action; don’t be passive in your messaging. Your visual elements and written communication should work in tandem to grab your customer’s attention.
  5. Find a way to engage your audience. No matter how formal your business is, or how serious your products are, you can find a down-to-earth conversational way to engage your target customer. Speak to them. Consider what is important in their daily life, and how your brand can help solve their problem. Don’t be afraid to use humor or even daily annoyances to get on a human level with your customer base.
  6. As mentioned above, don’t feel confined to your brand voice. It can change over time and fluctuate in response your audience’s needs. Pepsi and Coke are 2 of the oldest and most successful commercial brands, and they continue to find ways to engage their customer while competing with one another in the marketplace.

Positioning your Brand and Product:

At this point, you have ideally pinned down the audience you want to speak to and you’ve begun establishing the diction and visual language you will use to reach them. These elements will also help you position your brand in the marketplace. Consider Pepsi and Coke once again. Which is your favorite and why? If you can answer these questions, you can begin to understand your own business’s position. Is your product essential and affordable, or luxurious and uncommon? Only you can answer these questions, but once you do, you’re on your way to a distinct voice and strong position on the market.

Information we found useful in the creation of this post:



Welcoming Jax Beach Elementary on Manufacturing Day

At Holmes Custom, we love to give back to our Jacksonville community! One of the ways we choose to do so is by hosting an annual field trip for the Jacksonville Beach Elementary School first graders. This is a fun tradition we started in 2010, but something that made this year’s field trip even more special is it took place on Manufacturing Day! Manufacturing Day occurs on the first Friday of every October and it’s purpose is to celebrate modern manufacturing and inspire the next generation of manufacturers. As we prepared for this year’s field trip day, we knew there couldn’t have been a better day to invite these students into our Jacksonville facility.

As the school bus pulled into our parking lot early Friday morning, team members from different departments were ready in their stations to welcome the kids. From customer service to shipping, product development to production, there were hands-on stations set up throughout the building to show the students what we do here at Holmes.

We started the day off with a welcome speech by our CEO, Bryan Croft, then the kids followed him over to the “clock in” area where each student “punched in to work”. Next, they broke into groups and traveled around to the different areas. In our production department, they learned how name tags, buttons, stickers and stamps are made, and at the end of each activity they got a fun gift to bring home.

They also visited our Marketing department to learn about product development and come up with creative ideas for products of their own, from coffee mugs to Halloween stamp designs. Our customer service team taught the students about how we prioritize our customers needs to ensure they’re always happy, and about some of the other products we offer on our websites. In the shipping department, they got to see all the different corners of the country we ship to on a daily basis, and of course, left with a few of our signature tootsie rolls!

“What started out as an opportunity to help my daughters’ school with a field trip to our office has really evolved into a fun event for us and the students,” said CEO Bryan Croft. “This one day a year when we open up the office for 80 or so first graders, we try to teach them what it’s all about here, but also work on what they’re learning in school. We teach them the importance of spelling correctly and taking your time as haste makes waste. We also talk about team building and brain storming new ideas for products.”

Every year there’s at least a few students completely fascinated by some of the manufacturing jobs we offer our community here at Holmes Custom. We pride ourselves on the products we make everyday, but to see how excited these children get about our company is a completely different joy of it’s own.  We can’t wait to welcome the next group of first graders in 2018! To learn more about Manufacturing Day, click here.