Customized Badges & Name Plates

Custom Name Badges & Office Name Plates

Holmes Custom has everything you need for professional employee naming and identification. Make sure every staff member on your team can be identified with a name badge and matching name plate. Any customer, employee or client should be able to effectively locate employees in your office, and our affordable desk and wall name plates and badges will help you create an easy-to-navigate office environment. Our custom name tags and name plaques can help improve customer service, employee relationships and morale by connecting names with faces and job positions. We require no minimum order for our name badges and desk plates, so you can order just one or as many as you need.

Name Tags with Logos

Our logo name badges are among our best sellers. These professional engraved name tags and UV printed full color name tags not only identify your staff members, but also expand the visibility of your brand. Logo name tags can be worn not only in the office, but at meetings, conferences, luncheons and more to make sure your brand is seen again and again. Our custom logo badges are available with several fasteners, the most popular often being our magnetic nametag. Magnetic name tags allow employees to wear their identification with jackets and shirts without damaging the material. Similarly, our pocket fold badges are popular with real estate agents because they easily slide on and off of jacket and shirt pockets without leaving holes or damage. We offer many easy and affordable ways to wear a logo name badge, not only including magnetic backing, but also pins, clips and more.

Professional Name Plates

At Holmes Custom, you can also find a quality line of custom deskplates and wall name plates. These name plaques will complete your office naming system by tying employee names, job titles and business logos together with an office or desk. Whether you are giving tours of your campus or introducing new employees, matching name tags and desk plates will significantly increase identification and office camaraderie. Complete your branding efforts by creating matching name badges and plates with your official company logo. We can UV print full color nameplates and engrave 2 color plaques for cubicle walls, doors and desks.

Holmes Custom, formerly Holmes Stamp & Sign, has been in the rubber stamp making business since the 1950s. Not only do we focus on creating quality stamps, but we also offer a full line of name plates, name tags, desk plates, embossers and business plaques.