Engraved Name Tags

Engraved Name Tags

Engraved badges provide a professional way to connect names with faces and at Holmes Custom you have access to high quality oval and rectangle badges. Let us engrave name tags with each of your staff members' names, along with their position and your company logo. Our engraved name tags are available in a variety of material colors so that you can match your brand colors. Create a cohesive, branded image with high quality engraved badges that are available in 2 colors. Our plastic badges will be engraved to reveal the color underneath. Your text and logo will be one color and your background will be another. If you need full color printed name tags, we provide those as well, via UV printing. Our selection also includes military bar name tags. Each of our engrave-able badges has several backing options including swivel clip, military bar and pin.

How a Simple Engraved Name Badge Can Keep Customers Coming Back:

Your favorite barista's name is Jenny. Mike is the friendliest and fastest cash register clerk at the corner store. Vinny is the funny door man. Name Tags make it possible for you instantly learn a person's name, which opens the door for a personal connection. This personal connection can help staff members give their customers better service, which can keep people coming back to your business. When you're on a cruise ship you will notice that wait staff name badges are engraved with a person's name and their home country. This simple engraved name badge can inspire many questions about what it was like to grow up in South Africa or Bosnia, or elsewhere. This conversation may have never happened if not for a simple badge. No matter how technology cruises into the future, inexpensive engraved name tags help to keep the human bond intact, which helps improve business.

Name badges also provide businesses the opportunity to get their logos in front of customers. Customers often recognize a logo that is engraved on a name badge. Name tags are versatile - any design with any color combination can easily and inexpensively be engraved on a name tag. In addition, photographs can be added to a name tag which can enhance security efforts at places like banks and hospitals.

At Holmes Custom, headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, name tags have been designed, manufactured and sold for more than 60 years. To ensure our customers are afforded the best quality and most advanced engraved name tags available, Holmes Custom continually invests in better technology, including laser engravers and design software. We are an industry leader with superior quality and customer service, shipping most orders out the next business day.