Engraved Wooden Cutting Boards

Bamboo and Scotian Birch Wood Engraved Cutting Boards

Our wood cutting boards are among our latest addition of home and kitchen products! Whether you are moving into a new home, looking for the perfect wedding gift or you've always wanted a personalized wooden cutting board, our engraved cutting boards are just what you've been looking for. We have several stylish designs and shapes that are made of quality bamboo wood or Scotian birch. Engrave your family name, monogram or another message into a wooden cutting board and your kitchen will feel just a little more like home.

When the holidays roll around, you'll be preparing your favorite recipes in style with an engraved cutting board. See our great designs featuring rectangles, guitar shapes, fish shapes and paddle board shapes. Holmes Custom offers a unique and memorable collection of engraved kitchen accessories not only including wood cutting boards, but also personalized wine glasses, BBQ utensils, coasters, growlers and much more.

FAQs About our Engraved Wooden Cutting Boards:

What can I have engraved into my cutting board?

We can engrave any text you want. Many of our cutting boards have a space designated for your name or monogram. Our monogram paddle cutting board and surname cutting boards are some of our best sellers. We also have design your own cutting board options in a couple of sizes and shapes.

Can I have my own design engraved?

If you have a unique need for your cutting board design, please email our Customer Focus Team or call (888) 465-6373. They will be happy to help with your order. We also offer design your own cutting boards that offer plenty of design options. Choose from a couple of shapes and sizes for the design your own styles.

Is there an extra fee for the engraving? 

No, the cost of engraving is included in the price of the cutting board.

What kind of wood are the cutting boards made of? 

We offer bamboo and Scotian birch wood. Bamboo is great for cutting boards because it absorbs very little water and is one of the hardest woods available. Our Scotian birch wood cutting boards also have a puter accent or handle, depending on the style you choose. We have recently added glass cutting boards!

Are the cutting boards safe for the dishwasher? 

No, we recommend not putting your cutting board in the dish washer. This can result in dried, warped or cracked wood.

How can I make my wood cutting board last? 

We suggest rubbing with food grade mineral oil once every month or so. Rub it in evenly and allow it to sit for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Only wash with mild soap and dry immediately. Do not let your board soak. It can begin to absorb water and may start to crack and warp. 

Why are wooden cutting boards better than plastic?

Anyone who loves to cook knows that a wooden cutting board is a staple in the kitchen, that's why that make great gifts. Beyond that however, wooden cutting boards maintain a nicer look than plastic boards. Plastic boards become worn and stained more easily than wood. The grooves and cuts left in the plastic can make them more difficult to sanitize. Although wood can be harder to sanitize, it is in general a tougher material and will not end up with as many cuts and grooves where bacteria can hide. To keep your wooden cutting board clean, dry it immediately after washing and store it in a dry place where air circulates freely.