Custom Rubber Stamps, Self-inking & Handle Stamps

Custom Rubber Stamps at Holmes Custom; Self-Inking, Pre-inked & Hand Stamps

Rubber stamps make business and mail correspondence professional and simple. Custom rubber stamps can be used to brand your company, make everyday business processes more efficient and to personalize cards and gifts. Holmes Custom is formerly Holmes Stamp & Sign, and we have made rubber stamps since 1954! That's more than 60 years of experience in creating and shipping quality custom rubber stamps for businesses and individuals. From craft stamps to holiday return address stamps, wedding stamps and professional seals for architects, engineers and more, Holmes offers a large and diverse line of custom stampers in traditional hand stamps, self-inking and pre-inked.

Personalized Rubber Stamps are the core business of our 60 year old company. Over the years we’ve made hundreds of thousands of logo stamps, address stamps, signature stamps, custom teacher stamps, grading stamps and stock office stamps. We pride ourselves on quality stamp manufacturing, beautiful designs and efficiency - we ship most orders in just a single business day. Holmes Custom is formerly Holmes Stamp, and we have specialized in making custom rubber stamps and signs since 1954, but you can also trust us for personalized gifts, name tags and name plates and custom employee gifts and awards.

FAQs About Rubber Stamps:

What type of stamp is better? A self-inking stamp or a pre-inked stamp?

The style of stamp you will want to order depends on how you plan to use it. If you plan to make impressions at a leisurely pace, the pre-inked stamp will operate quietly and give a clearer impression. Pre-inked stamps are generally better for stamping art with fine details however, after a few rapid uses, the impression will start to fade. So if you are planning on using the stamp quickly, such as with large mailings, the self-inker is a better choice because the pad does not require the recovery time that the pre-inked stamp does. Pre-inked stamps are generally logo stamps because they can provide better impressions of fine details. Self-inking stamps are usually notary or signature stamps.

What is the difference between self-inking and pre-inked?

When you press a self-inking stamp body down onto a surface, the design flips up to touch the ink pad, and then turns back down onto the surface to leave the impression. Self inking stamps are great for bank endorsements, signatures and inspections. They save you a lot of time on high-volume stamping. Self inking stamps have a built-in ink pad that automatically inks the stamp die after each impression. Pre-inked stamps come with the art or design already inked. Both self-inking and pre-inked can be re-inked.

Why do pre-inked stamps cost more money?

Generally, pre-inked stamps give clearer impressions of finer details, and they provide more impressions before they need to be re-inked.

What kind of stamp should I use on glossy surfaces?

To avoid smearing, you should order a traditional hand stamp and use Super Marking Ink.

How many impressions will my self-inking stamp make before it starts to dry out?

This often depends on the model and brand. You typically get 2,000 or so impressions before needing a new ink pad or ink with most of our stamp types. However, Trodat self-inking stamps are designed to last for several hundred impressions. Our XStamper pre-inked stamps are expected to last through 50,000 impressions before needing to be re inked.