Ink Pad Replacements & Refill Ink Bottles

Stamp Ink Pads & Refill Bottles

All stamps require ink. When it's time to refill, choose from our wide selection of ink pads for traditional hand stamps and craft stamps, or ink cartridges for a variety of sizes and shapes for self-inking stamps. We also carry refill bottles to re ink your cartridge or your pre-inked stamp. There’s no shortage of ink options in colors, either. Why settle for black when you can add a pop of color. We offer professional grade stamp ink and stamp pads at bargain pricing. From Ideal Ink and Ideal Self Inking Pads to traditional stamp pads that work well with most stamps. You can rest assured your stamp ink and ink pads will be delivered on time with reliable, fast and friendly service from Holmes Custom, formerly Holmes Stamp.

FAQs about Stamp Ink & Pads:

What ink colors do you offer?

Ink color depends on the type of stamp and the size. For self-inking stamps, which are the most common, we offer black, blue, red, brown, green, purple, pink and orange. Different brands offer different variations and shades of these colors.

Do you color match ink?

Our inks come from their manufacturer, so we do not color match. If you have a specific color in mind, please contact our Customer Focus Team for assistance.

What shade of blue ink do you offer?

The shade of blue will depend on the brand you select. Our top brands are Trodat, Ultimark and XStamper, and each brand will provide a slightly different shade of blue. Ultimark and XStamper blues are both a deeper, royal blue. If you need a greenish-blue, Trodat may be of interest to you.

What type of ink should I use for stamping glossy surfaces like catalogs or photos?

If you need to stamp on glossy cards, photographs or other nonporous surfaces, you should order a traditional hand stamp and use it with Super Marking Ink.

Are inks interchangeable between brands and models of stamps?

No. Using the wrong ink could damage the stamp. For example, self-inking ink pads cannot be used on pre-inked stamps. The stamp listing will indicate which ink is compatible. If you have any ink compatibility questions, please do not hesitate to ask our customer service team.

Can you replace the ink pad of an XStamper?

No but the pad can be re-inked with XStamper ink.