Design a Logo Stamp

Logo Stamps Customized at Holmes

Logo stamps and custom artwork stamps are a great way to brand your business and they can be used for mail correspondence or to brand retail packaging, boxes, bags or gift wrap. Logo stamps can also be used to affordably and effectively make your own business cards and other business collateral material. At Holmes Custom, formerly Holmes Stamp, we offer pre-inked, self-inking and traditional hand stamps that can be customized with your artwork or logo. If you have a design with small or intricate details, we suggest ordering a pre-inked stamp to provide a clearer impression. If efficiency is your biggest concern, however, order a self-inking stamp. For large mailings or customizing of numerous items at a faster pace, for instance, you will find the self-inking stamp to be a better choice because the pad does not require the recovery time that a pre-inked stamp does.

If you would like to see how a pre-inked logo stamp versus a self-inking logo stamp leave an impression, see our video. Holmes Custom, formerly Holmes Stamp, has been in the stamp making business since 1954! That is more than 60 years of experience, and you can trust that we will create a quality logo stamp that will last for thousands of impressions. We strive to ship every order next business day and we offer many address stamps, stock office stamps, engraved and logo name tags and other essential business items that will make your processes more professional and efficient.