Date Stamps with Signature or Custom Text

Custom Rubber Date Stamps

Rubber date stamps are often the cornerstone of efficient everyday office administration. Dater stamps ensure records are marked, filed and archived accurately for financial, legal and other purposes. Medical, retail and financial institutions, along with engineers, architects and many other professions require the use of custom rubber daters. At Holmes Custom you can find essential rubber date stamps, both custom and stock with 10 years of dates that will meet your everyday clerical needs. Our date stamps include trusted brands like Trodat and Shiny.

Stock Office Daters

Stock office date stamps are often the most common and essential daters. Just about every office professional will frequently use stock office daters including received, posted and entered. Our daters come with at least 10 years of dates, and one of our top sellers is the Trodat Printy Dial-A-Phrase that features 12 common office phrases including answered, cancelled, billed, faxed and shipped. Shop a full line of stock office date stamps at Holmes Custom.

Custom Line Date Stamps

We sell a lot of custom line stamps here at Holmes Custom. That is because custom line text stamps are versatile and easy to customize to precise business needs that are unique to any company. We offer custom line date stamps with 2, 3, 4 and more lines of your customized information. Need to sign, date and mark documents with custom text? Speed up that process with a custom line date stamp with your signature added. Most of our custom line daters are simple text lines, but we also offer a round design that can feature your custom text around the circle. Custom text daters can feature any text you need!

Signature Stamp with Date

If you are often required to leave your signature on checks and documents, you'll want to order a custom date stamp with your signature. We can easily personalize a date stamp with signature, just upload your file, preferably written in black ink on white paper. Once we have your signature, we can customize the signature dater stamp to your specific size and ink color. Signature date stamps will keep your signed documents looking professional and uniform. If you're looking for a stamp with just your signature, for signing checks or documents, we have quality signature stamps too.

Be sure to meet all your office and mailing needs and see our full line of address stamps that feature text only and decorative designs. We also provide great prices and designs in our custom logo stamps selection. You can brand every piece of mail or collateral with a quality self-inking or pre-inked logo stamp from Holmes. We have been in the stamp and sign business for more than 60 years, so you can rest assured we provide only the top quality stamps, signs, desk plates and name badges.