Clings & Magnetic Signs

Magnetic Signs for Cars

You drive past hundreds of potential new clients or customers each day on the road. Take the opportunity to get your business information in front of more people by attaching a professionally designed magnetic cling to your vehicle. We have a few templates to choose from that can include everything from phone numbers to company slogans and schedules. We sell these in sets of 2 so that each side of your car can feature your custom message and number. Choose from our large 18 by 24 inch magnetic sign, 12 by 18, 12 by 24 or 6 by 12. These magnetic signs will get your custom business logo and information in front of many new customers.

Magnetic Business Cards

Traditional business cards are often lost, discarded or never even distributed. Magnets help keep your company name in the forefront of customers' minds because they are attached to refrigerators, lockers and other common surfaces, rather than tucked into a drawer or wallet. At Holmes Custom you can find quality business magnets in horizontal and verical layouts and they can feature everything from your custom colors and logo to phone number. Give your company the opportunity to bring in more customers by ordering a set of magnetic business cards today. Complete your order with a custom logo stamp, address stamp and custom sign!