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ADA Compliant Safety Signs

Holmes Custom makes it simple to keep safety and aesthetics in mind when choosing office signs and ADA compliant signage for your business grounds. We offer a wide range of safety signs featuring notice, warning and caution. Also find essential ADA braille signs to keep your office in compliance in order avoid fines.

Penalties have risen in recent years for business that violate or do not stay up-to-date with the latest ADA regulations.

The hospitality industry in particular, has been highly targeted by the DOJ for non-compliance with ADA standards. To ensure your business meets specifications, we offer signage that meets ADA rules and can even be customized to match your office color scheme. Our braille signs include, but are not limited to, restroom, exit, no smoking and stairs signs. Make sure you mark restrooms, elevators, emergency exits, fire extinguishers and other pertinent rooms within your building to ensure guests and staff can safely and conveniently navigate your building. Learn more about ADA compliance to ensure you get the appropriate signs for your campus.

Common Safety Signs

Once you have selected ADA signs, be sure that you find appropriate safety signs to warn of potential health hazards within your work environment. Whether you are dealing with dangerous chemicals, combustibles, or want to avoid trips and falls, our safety signs include a wide range of designs. Notice signs are available with your custom text, or with common phrases like "no entry," "watch your step" and "use other door." Also find warning, caution and danger signs to help staff and guests avoid injury. Warning signs include "high voltage, keep out," "authorized personnel only" and "flammable liquid." Browse our entire line of signage and find important signs that will keep your business operating smoothly.